For many of us,

DEI is a topic that we’re not comfortable with, therefore we don’t know what we don’t know. What we do know is that it has changed the way we do business. It matters now more than ever before and if we want to get this right, we need to invest in changing behavior by changing our approach.

We are on a mission to change the way you think about diversity. 

FIG U is designed to cut through the boring, stereotypical approaches to diversity training. We provide a sensible and realistic approach that aligns individual roles with topics such as unconscious or implicit bias, tone policing, microaggressions, etc. to identify how we contribute to these behaviors and how to change them. 

Each course breaks diversity, equity and inclusion into quick, straight-talk videos. No fluff. Have you questioned the difference between equity and equality? Or the difference between immigrants and emigrants? Perhaps you’ve wondered if this even matters to your role? The answer is yes. It does matter. Our courses will cover the basics of DEI all the way to leveling up your inclusive culture strategies. 

We are in the early stage and developing new courses every week. If there’s a topic you’d be interested in or have a question, please reach out to 

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